January 6, 2017

What risks do you have when removing stains from carpets yourself?

Sticking with the theme of carpet cleaning I wanted to cover the topic of using cleaning products yourself without professional advice. It is a tendency that you worry about spills on your carpet and that it pushes you to take action and rub it out. After you get it out of sight, you want to use a specialised stain remover product to make good your carpet.

Carpet StainThere are products which are advertised to work in a magic manner to clean out every stain. Little do people know that there are the bad sides of such products. There will be times when such products will work against the carpet or upholstery. Some of them will be very harsh on the upholstery so it’s always best to hire a professional to avoid damaging your carpets or upholstery. This is something my friend, owner of Limelight Carpet Cleaning has always told me. Don’t believe that a product is safe just because you saw the advert on your TV. It is not always what it’s advertised to be.

Loss of colour

It happens when there are some harsh products used on a fabric. Although the white carpets might look nice, it is better to have colour on carpets and other upholstery items. The problem with the coloured carpets is that once the colour is worn off, then they fade and that doesn’t look good. Nobody wants discoloured sofas in his/her lounge. To make matters worse, there is no remedy to that. Repainting the sofa doesn’t make sense. The effects are simply permanent. The only way to go is to take a preventative approach. Be careful and wary on cleaning products that have super harsh ingredients.

Residues that bring dirt

It is very unlikely that the cleaning products be pure. Just like detergents, they will have foam and other residues that form at the bottom of the carpet. Without rinsing the carpet, these residues will seem to attract dirt with time. The areas that will be affected by the residues will have to darken with time till a time when the spots are clear on your upholstery surface. The remedy will be to rinse the item using a powered machine. If that is not done, then you can imagine what will happen to your hair if you only keep on washing and never rinsing it.

Damaged upholstery items

Sometimes, the recommendations you get for stain removal products actually work. However, it doesn’t work in most cases. When you have done your best in removing the stains using the product and the stain chooses to remain, you consider a higher power of hiring a professional stain cleaner. The problem here, however, is that the professional could have cleaned it out if you had not altered the stain and its structure. Now, you have already done some chemistry of your own that the cleaner might not be able to understand. For that reason, the stain will have to be permanent due to the ‘set stain’ as the cleaners call them.

In conclusion, you don’t have to gamble around with every other product you find around. It is better you trust the professional cleaners solely or ask for recommendations for stain removers from the experts. Am sure they will give you the best brands there is depending on your kind of stain. While you try to save money, you might find yourself using that money to buy another carpet altogether.

Paul Mclean

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