July 19, 2016

Tree Removal and Home Improvement – Sometimes Less is More

Tree RemovalIn home improvement we are most always focusing on adding more features to a home. Whether it’s adding a new room to a basement or building a brand new addition to a house, most of the time its all about “more, more, more”. This is a great approach, especially when people get to utilize more of their space (or create new space with extensions to there home).

However sometimes the opposite is true. Sometimes “less is more”. This is sometimes looked at as a minimalist approach, and while it doesn’t have to quite go to that extreme, it can a good principle to approach a design project with.

Do We Really Need All Those Bushes and Trees

Backyards and frontyards can sometimes get cluttered with overgrown plants. Bushes grow too tall, weeds fill up the lawn, and trees start to dangle dangerously close to windows and expensive siding. Every homeowner has either experienced it for themself or knows a neighbor who yard tends to get overgrown very often.

This is a perfect time for the “less is more” approach, and it’s something that a tree removal company can address. They are experts at removing trees whole, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go that route. They can also approach your yard with strategic pruning and trimming.

Clearing excess limbs from trees, or clearing out bulking bushes or plantlife, can really help to give a clearer view of the potential for your yard. Having more space to focus on what you really want out of your recreation area can really open up possibilities.

A World of Possibilities

The minimalist approach opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to how to use your area. It can be as simple as adding some patio furniture, perhaps a playset for kids or toddlers, a flat space for gardening, or perhaps just a wide open space.

So take this time to discuss with your family how you want to use the backyard. Is there something you’ve always wanted to do, but never felt you had the space? Perhaps you want to practice your short game with a putting green? Who knows, it’s a world of possibilities!

So next time you are thinking about home improvement and renovations, consider not only what you can add to make your home more better, but what extraneous elements can you take away? Perhaps “less” can be “more” for you as well.

Paul Mclean

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