Choosing Energy Efficient Windows For Your Home

These days, it has become vital for the homeowners to look for windows which are energy efficient.  This is because when you select an energy efficient window, it goes a long way in helping you to not invest in some systems such as those required to heat or to cool the temperatures in the house. The windows alone should be able to regulate that on their own.

Energy Efficient

The following 4 factors should be considered when you are selecting windows that are energy efficient. You should look at the design, the frame, installation and finally glass.

The Right Frame

Wooden frames are not prone to heat and they are also less prone to the cold as compared to others like one made of aluminum. But then again, this fact does not translate into the wood being the best frame there is out there. There are a wide variety of materials that make these frames such as:

Wood: They are the best when it comes to insulation. However, the downside is that they at times rot which can not be said for the other materials. When in climates that are rainy and or humid, wood is not the best choice at all.

Vinyl: This is a material that is less expensive compared to the others but this does not translate it to being a cheap material. It is energy efficient and if it is installed correctly, it reduces the leaking of air. However, these types of frames are limited when it comes to color varieties so some people will prefer not to have it in their homes.

Aluminum: This material is not so good when it comes to heat, either loss or transfer, they are the best when it comes to extreme conditions such as hurricanes. This is because aluminum windows are stronger than those made from either wood or vinyl.

Wood-clad: The exterior maintenance of wood clad is extremely low thus it is the best since it also has all the advantages that are associated with wood frames. However, these are not advisable to use in conditions that are wet since they are very prone to be intruded by water. This could result in rotting especially in the jambs and in the sills since this is where water pools. However, if one installs these windows correctly, they could add a membrane that is made of rubber this will help with the rotting. One could also put a pan on the sill which would be draining the water that would be getting near the jambs and the sills thus it helps to minimize the moisture interference on the wood hence no more rotting at all. When you choose a window that is filled with argon that is Low-E, it insulates the window pane a lot more. The inside of the house can be protected away from the sun’s heat by using these single window panes. This could help in choosing an energy efficient window.

Paul Mclean

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