April 9, 2016

How To Choose The Right Conservatory

Building a conservatory means taking a big financial investment. However, the cost of this will depend on the materials for construction.  You should put in mind the installation cost, the labor charge and the money to prepare the site.  You should then consider using a company that specialises in conservatories.  The following are some practical considerations that you should factor in.

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It can be by use of water, or under floor heating using electricity. You can also fit walls with radiators or you can deduct heat through grills which can be fitted on the floor edges.


You are advised to lay durable floors that are practical. You could choose between ceramic tile and natural stone for flooring.


Blind protects furnishings. They also maintain the temperature all round the year. In addition, it also provides privacy.  You could choose from linoleum blinds; made from wooden strips, Printed blinds and also fabric roller for the blinds. An expert should do this fitting so that they are properly supported, especially due to the high windows.


You should make sure that lighting has been installed in the garden. It is important to fit this in your budget while planning.

Roofing and Glazing

It is advisable to do double glazing. This is because the glass is of low emissivity. Its metal coat will allow the sunlight to pass through but the heat from the radiators will be reflected back to the conservatory. Roofing will either be glass or polycarbonate. This is lighter and durable material. It is required in structures that do not support the glass weight.

Conservatory Maintenance

The person who installs it for you should guide you on how you are supposed to maintain the conservatory. This includes how to clean, what you should use and the kind of soap that will not interfere with the plants and also tell you how frequent you are supposed to do this. For example, you are not supposed to use abrasive cleaners, and then the surfaces made of timber should be washed down regularly in order to remove any pollution on the surface.

Environmental Issues

It is important to select the correct material that will make up your conservatory frame. In the past, people used aluminum or PVCs; at times they even used hardwood. However, currently, people use timber, which should be from a source that is safe and non-endangered.

Building Regulations and Planning Permission

There is the planning permission which deals with the size and also the visual impact of your conservatory. However, the building regulations relate to the construction itself which is usually reviewed constantly. One should make sure that his or her designer should be up to date with the regulations, also the new ones if any. Planning permission will only be required if the house is found in an area of conservation or a designated place of natural beauty, Also if the house is terraced or has been extended already.

Paul Mclean

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