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October 6, 2016

Basement Project – Remodeling your basement into a studio apartment

Basement ApartmentIn case you have decided that you could offer your home into the market, the basement adaptation will likely more than expand the living or business space of the home and more importantly than that, it will increase its value. Most of the time, people imagine that the basement rooms are as dark as they are dismal and damp, which is usually true most of the time. However, there are solutions that can convert that black hole into an elegant, stylish and well insulated space.

A good friend of mine who owns gave me the inspiration for this post so today I am going to tell you how you can easily turn your basement into a decent studio apartment and the price of the property will increase drastically. A studio apartment in the basement will like a very interesting and smart idea especially for families who have adult children. It will also be appealing to people who would consider it as a source of income when they put it up for rent.

A basement apartment can turn out very comfortable

If you see to it that its gets goods renovations, your basement will turn out to be bright, clear and a perfectly comfortable place to live or work in. You should begin by throwing out all the old as well as the unnecessary things out and calling a rubbish removal company to help you with the task. Then as you remodel, you should pay more attention to the paint, lighting, flooring and the windows.

A great lighting plan- Little lighting as well as low ceiling will make your basement studio apartment look dark and gloomy. The best way to correct this is by installing proper lighting. You can use recessed ceiling lights because they have already proven to be a magnificent solution in the combination of floor, wall and table lamps.

Use bright colors– Bright colors are best because they will light up the place and make it look bright and desirable. This does not mean just the walls but you should include bright and cheerful colors on your fabrics, flooring as well as artwork because they will make the studio look like a happy and inviting place. You can make your curtains a great decorative detail.

Floorings- You should strive to avoid oak or maple floorings. When you are installing a floor, the one thing you should not forget, since it’s a basement is moisture. Regardless of where you live, any basement is likely to be wet. Oak and maple flooring are prone to expansion and deformation the minute they come into contact with moisture. Laminated floors are a great idea or any other flooring.

You should place the floor with the same material and better still if you do not level it. The continuity of the floor will make the space look bigger than it is. Wall to wall rugs are not a very good idea because in case of flooding or even leaks, you will need to make a full replacement. The smaller the carpet, the better they will suit the basement studio.

Windows- Most of the time, basement windows are quite small. Still, they are very important for ventilation as well as natural light. If you love your privacy, there are windows that let in light but remain very private.

There are certain advantages that come with basement apartments like the fact that the temperatures will most likely be the same throughout the year.


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