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The United Kingdom’s Electronic Way of Smoking

The world has gone digital and so has cigarette smoking, nobody wants to be left behind in a fast evolving world; it’s electronic cigarette or you get stuck in the dark smoking ages. The United Kingdom, which has always been a pacesetter, is never one to lag behind by the latest innovations. The UK is one of the first places where e-cig first step foot.

The first e-cig, which was designed by one Herbert A Gill, surfaced around 1963 but never stood a chance in a world where men still loved to do things the manual way. Forty years later, a Chinese pharmacist who had lost his father to Lung cancer caused by heavy smoking reinvented the e cig. This time the innovation had come to stay, and never to go extinct again in a new world that now thrived on technology. Early 2006, the United Kingdom embraced e cigarettes helping it spread to the rest of the world.

Now you know the history.

Why Electronic Cigarettes

Starving an addict of his addiction has never worked as an effective treatment for addiction. E cigs are designed with little or no nicotine in them to help treat tobacco nicotine addiction. Several users have successfully kicked the smoking addiction by using this electronic smoking device.

Some fellows just can’t help the urge to smoke anywhere and everywhere, e cigarette helps them do that. An e cig can be smoked, anywhere, anytime except in religious buildings where smoking of every kind is banned.

If you must smoke chivalrously in the 21st Century, you definitely have to smoke eletronic cigarettes. Smoking e cigs emit no pollutants to the surrounding. The world is unharmed when you smoke electronically.

Smokers breath is a major turn off for non smokers, constant smokers of tobacco cigarettes are often associated with its dourly stench. E cigarette saves you from from smokers breath and even holds the promise of sweet minty breaths when smoked regularly.

How best do you show the world how classy you are if your lifestyle doesn’t portray it. electronic cigarette smoking could be your class statement, announcing you as part of a technology driven age. E cig always comes loaded with gadgets such as car chargers, smug batteries, cartomizers and even USB Chargers.

Advanced technology is often times more expensive than crude forms but that school of thought rarely applies to e cigarettes. There is an e-cig for every man, from paupers price to billionaires price.

These electronic cigarettes are even known to last longer than a normal cigarette. Some last as much as 800 draws, making them a very economical item.

They are recyclable, another point for environmental conservationist. Companies that manufacture electronic cigarettes often offer that used ones be sent back to them for recycling. For a certain amount of used e cigarettes you send for recycling, you get a particular quantity back to you.

Arguments Against Electronic Smoking

No design is without fault. We all work towards perfection we wish to attain. These electronic smoking devices have a few imperfections of their own. Some basic imperfections include:

• The prices of some them are simply outrageous. Who wants to pay so much for a smoke?
• Some researches have shown that there is a slight risk of poisoning when e cigarette is used too often. This poisoning is believed to arise from the flavoured vapourised smoke.
• Obsolete nature of e cigs makes them non-recyclable. Nobody likes a non-recyclable waste, especially not in the 21st century.

These are just a small concerns compared to the benefits that every artificial cigarette can give for the environment, your family and friends and of course, yourself. So if you consider switching to healthy smoking, contact us. Our company is an established one that can offer you the best products and services.